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Flexible Circuits

wiring harnesses

SelecTouch can design a flexible harness to eliminate those messy expensive wire cable assemblies. These assemblies cost less than 10% of what you would expect from a wire assembly.

A SelecTouch wiring harness can be used for low current signals. It can be used for interconnecting modules and peripherals. Interconnecting a PLC with an interface board, connecting to an LCD panel, or a switch assembly, are all possible options with this versatile assembly.

The cable assembly can be bent to go around corners, and fit in those hard to reach places. It can bridge hinges and other structures that require the ability to bend. Being less than 20 mils thick it can fit between structures that are closely spaced too.

Besides replacing wire, there are many situations where this can replace a more expensive traditional flexible cable assembly and save 50% or more.

Contact the engineers at SelecTouch to see if our wiring harnesses are right for you. Call or email us today for a quote on orders of any size. Our designers are available to discuss all aspects of your “Touch Product” needs.